Fracturing Fairy Tales

Perhaps, you want to try your hand at rewriting a favorite old folk tale adding your own twists and turns and dashes of bizarre humor.
Voila! You have just created your own 'FRACTURED FAIRY TALE"!

Listed below are some ploys used by authors to produce award-winning books.
(Examples of published works are in parenthesis.)

  • 1. Tell it from a different point of view. For instance, did you ever think how the witch felt having two bratty kids nibbling on her newly decorated gingerbread house?
  • Three Little Pigs (can use this to refresh your memory!)
  • ("The True Story of the Three Little Pig")

  • 2. Take a character from the story and tell another story concerning that character. For instance, tell a story about the woodcutter in
  • "Little Red Riding Hood" or the cow, Milky White, that was traded in "Jack and the Beanstalk."

  • 3. Write a different ending. Perhaps, Jack didn't get away from the giant - what happened then? Or, you could tell what happened after the story ended.
  • ("The Frog Prince, Continued").

  • 4. Make the main character a different type of person or even change the person into an animal
  • ("Ruby" and "Cinderella Penguin")

  • 5. Add new characters to tell the story
  • (Cinderella with Benjy and Bubbles").

  • 6. Have well-known fairy tale characters meet:
  • ("Adventures of Simple Simon" or the musical, "Into the Woods").

  • 7. Or, go completely bizarro, and do a combination of the above.
  • ("Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Stories").

  • There is a storyteller, Ed Stivender, who makes up fractured fairy tales in a matter of minutes by using the following formula:

  • - select a famous fairy tale character
  • - select another famous fairy tale character
  • - select a modern saying
  • - select a famous place
  • - select a problem (silly or serious; ex.- environment, a bad hair day, allergic reactions, literacy, no money, etc.)

Choose from the following:
Screen_shot_2012-01-17_at_2.33.41_PM.pngHans Christian Andersen Titles:

The Emperor's New Suit

The Red Shoes

The Ugly Duckling

Screen_shot_2012-01-17_at_2.35.33_PM.pngThe Brothers Grimm Titles:

The Frog Prince

Hansel and Grethel

Little Red Riding Hood



Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Tom Thumb

Additional Resources:

Hans Christian Anderson

Grimms' Fairy Tales

Audio Fairy Tales

Coming to a bibliography of Fractured Fairy Tales!

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