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Some little Screen_shot_2011-11-01_at_11.43.55_AM.png told me you may want to know more about animals.....

Q: Are there good sources on the Internet (using Google, Wikipedia, etc....)?
A: Yes.....But....
A: it is difficult to determine GRADE APPROPRIATE, or the AUTHORITY, VALIDITY,
and RELIABILITY of the information offered!

Why not use the following?

The following sites are easy to use and understand, and will provide you with reliable,
valid information from an educational source!

If you are using the resources at home, it would be best to have

your Database passwords sheet handy!

Try the following online databases:

You will need the InfOhio Passwords to get into

the following resources at home.


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Lauren M. Bott

Contains many different resources!

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World Book for Kids Resource


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Why Do Animals Age?

Then even perhaps you may move on to the following Web sites:

National Geographic Kids

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Animal Planet

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National Wildlife

Cleveland Metropark Zoo

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Animals (590 - 599)

African Wildlife

Check back to see...more sites may be added as time goes on.......