Summer Reading 2017

(All incoming 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students have already joined the Summer Reading Google Classroom, received instruction, and completed a practice activity!)

If you are interested in participating in the IMS Summer Reading Program and you
have not joined (due to an absence or being new to our school) your "SUMMER READING GRADE" Google Classroom....
Please email me and I will send you the code to join the classroom if you want
to do this online. (Remember to tell me what grade you are going to be at the
beginning of the next school year!)

*There are two different options presented in the Summer Reading Program Information Resource: Text-to-Text and Text-to Self:
You may choose to do either one or both!

*You may also just print the chart/charts of your choice and give it to me at the beginning of the school year!
However, I cannot communicate or comment back to you if you do not do this in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 1.06.51 PM.png

Introduction Letter to Students and Parents

Resources for Selecting Books and Book Suggestions

Additional: 6 Summer Reading Challenges
( Great ideas with resources provided!)

The following documents were shared at the end of the school year
in your Google Classroom:

Text to Text
Text to Text Connections Explained
Text to Text Directions

Text to Text Chart

Text to Self
Text to Self Connections Explained
Text to Self Directions
Text to Self Chart