Anne Frank Further Understanding Questions:

Question Set 1:

*How did Hitler openly violate the "Versailles Treaty"?

*What are the restrictions of the treaty, (research Versailles Treaty) and why didn't another nation, including ours, enforce it in 1933?

*In August of 1939, Hitler signed a treaty of friendship with the Soviet Union. Why did Hitler think this would guarantee him victory in Poland, and what ironic outcome did his invasion of Poland cause.

*Explain the irony.

Question Set 2:

*What happened on June 10, 1944?

*Why didn't Hitler invade Great Britain? (Research topic)

*What turned the war against Hitler in December of 1941?

*Why didn't the United States join the war sooner?

*Do you think our country waited too long to enter the war?

*Explain your answer and give supportive facts and details why you feel the way you do.

Question Set 3:

*How many Jewish people and other non-Germans died because of Hitler?

*How were they murdered?

*How does this make you feel?

*Research how the war was finally stopped.

*List the specifics of what ended the war, and what happened to Hitler (Egs: What caused his death? Who was there? Where was he buried? Etc.)

*Many people feel Hitler died a coward. Explain why you agree or disagree with this comment.

Question Set 4:

*Hitler preached this to his army: "Close your eyes to pity! Act brutally!" Respond to Hitler's quote.

*Why would any human being agree with this statement?

*Why didn't other countries stop someone with this ideology immediately?

* Do you think a type of dictator, such as Hitler, could recruit people to think this way today?

*Explain and give examples from modern day, which supports your response.

Question Set 5:

*What event from Hitler's early life might have caused him to be such and egotistical dictator?

*Explain why you think those event had an influence on his adult decisions. How did his years in Vienna further his arrogance?

*Explain and use details from the research to support your response.

Question Set 6:

*Why was Hitler imprisoned for five years?

*Did Hitler spend five years in prison?

*How did this imprisonment affect his views on the German government?

*Explain what Mein is and how it foreshadowed what was about to occur in 1924.

*What did Hitler do in 1930 that attracted many followers to his beliefs?

*Research ideas presented if need be.

Question Set 7:
*Hitler was named chancellor (Prime Minister) of Germany in 1933. Did he lie to become elected? or Did he persuade President Hindenburg using effective propaganda techniques? (If needed research or recall propaganda techniques.) Explain your reasoning and use supportive details from your research
*Third Reich was formed in 1933. It continued to govern, using dictatorship and propaganda as its mainstay. Explain what happened on February 27, 1933, and what The New Order proclaimed as law.

Question Set 8:
*In 1938, Hitler set up the Hitler Youth Organization. He made every child enter it. Explain how it operated, and how it affected the children's relationship with their parents.
*How does knowing this make you feel? Explain your response.
*Research another terrorist group of modern day, and explain how this group compares or differs from Hitler Your Organization.