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*A to Z Animals is no longer allowed to be used in school.

Animal Planet (

Includes Animal Guides and Animal cams. Also provides sound and video clips.

BBC Animals Page (

A searchable site with an index, and some fun features like postcards and quizzes.

The Electronic Zoo (

Select a species from the pick list, and then explore the links for your animal! (

Wow! Includes information on over 4800 plants and animals of North America, with great features like Ask an Expert, Bird Audio, and Habitat Guides. Excellent for grades 4 and up.

The National Marine Mammal Laboratory's Education Site (

A great site with information on dolphins, whales, manatees, and more.

__Zoobooks, the World's First Zoo__**

A virtual zoo, broken into types of animals.


All About Turtles (

From the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, information and fun activities about turtles.

Desert Animals (

From Desert USA, information on all types of desert animals.

Elephants of Cameroon (

Details a project to save the African elephant, with an option to adopt an elephant.

Farm Animals (

Photographs of all different farm animals.
Farms Animals Around the World (

Great pictures and information from Enchanted Learning.

International Wolf Center: Facts for Kids (

Quick facts on wolves.

What is a Whale? (

A brightly colored site from Enchanted Learning that answers the commonly asked questions about the species.


Animal Info (

A searchable index for the rarest species.
Bagheera: A Website for Endangered Species (

Great animal images and graphics, along with endangered species info.

Defenders of Wildlife (

This organization is dedicated to the protection of native wild animals and plants. They advocate new approaches to wildlife conservation that will keep species from becoming endangered.

Especies Fact Lists (

Discusses what the Endangered Species Act is, and list endangered species by continent, with links to information.

EE Link Endangered Species (

Species lists, laws, organizations, and much more -- excellent!

Endangered! (

This site by the American Museum of Natural History lets you take an expedition through the world of endangered species.

Endangered Species Project North America (

Photographs of endangered species.

National Wildlife Federation (

Contains links to the U.S. Endangered Species Act, habitat conservation plans, and fact sheets on animal life cycles and migration patterns.

Redlist (

The IUCN Redlist of Endangered Species, that includes statistics and references.

Threatened Species (

Lists and information from the WWF.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Program (

A searchable site with species information and regulatory profiles.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (

The Service's Endangered Species Program, which lets you submit a species and get its regulatory profile.

The Wild Ones (TWO) (

A network of children, teachers, and conservation professionals in 25 countries that provides students with opportunities for cooperative science activities. Contains an index of articles that describe the habits and habitats of various species and the threats to their survival. Includes e-mail links to conservation biologists.

The World Wildlife Fund (

Read breaking news, look at featured sites, or read the list of endangered species and spaces.


**Animals and Birds of the Arctic and Antarctic** (

Great information on penguins and polar bears, along with other Antarctic wildlife.
Animals of the Arctic Ocean (
Animals of the Arctic Tundra (
Emperor Penguin (
Polar Animal Photographs (
The Blue Whale (
Weddell Seal (


T**he National Zoo** (

The Philadelphia Zoo (

The San Diego Zoo (

The world famous zoo has a wonderful website, which is searchable by type of animal. Includes photo archive.


Animals of the World (

Great games with clues to guess the hidden animals.

DLTK's Farm Animal Crafts for Kids (
Great crafts and activities revolving around farm animals.
Farm Animals at Enchanted Learning


Rhymes, songs, crafts, and a calendar about farm animals.
Infostuff's Animal Alphabet (

Follow the alphabet with animals!
Little Animals Activity Center (

Great stories and activities that are animated with great sounds and music.
Ranger Rick's Kids Zone (

Home of Outdoor Stuff, Games, Tours, and a Reading Corner. Enough to keep you busy on a rainy day!

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